575 B - The banker, his wife and the farmer


Once black and shiny, she now sat behind a run-down barn in northern Wisconsin. Who would have ever predicted that sad fate, after spending her first few years carting around the outwardly successful town banker and his equally pompous wife?

Both were as round as they were tall, he with his big cigar, her donning the latest fashion in hat wear. They loved riding around in their brand new Deluxe Ford with its wide doors and powerful V* under the hood, while the locals struggled on their farms driving a broken down Model T or maybe if they were lucky, a beat up Model A pickup.

Sometimes fate has a way of dishing out comeuppance and in the winter of ‘36, the banker and his wife caught a train during the middle of the night. Accusations of embezzlement had caused a run on the bank that day, so with barely the clothes on their back they were gone, leaving the now worn-out coupe to be passed around like a tow dollar hooker on a Saturday night.

It was the fall of ‘46 when Johnny, just back from the war, came out of the woods behind Williams’ hedgerow, a wooden barn door sticking out of her gaping trunk.Like so often happens, she had been turned into a farm truck.

But that, my friends, is only the beginning of her journey…

Ken Schmidt